Friday, 6 January 2017

New image library launched

This image shows a piece of mechanical equipment that would have been used about 30 years ago (and still now, really) to study how plants respond to growing without gravity. The plant is being rotated so that the force of gravity constantly changes.

The photo was taken by M.B. Wilkins at the University of Glasgow. To see his other images visit the listings page.


Chlorophyllosophy Image Library

I have just launched a new little website which is the beginnings of a commercial plant science image library.

It's starting with my own images and with the images of M.B.Wilkins, the Emeritus Regius Professor of Botany at Glasgow University.

If you would like to see it, the site is called the Chlorophyllosophy Image Library.

If would can pass the message on to plant science and plant photographer friends that would be great. I would like to collect together lots of people's images if possible.