Saturday, 28 October 2017

Where are you reading from?

I wondered if I could ask a small favour of the people who read my blog? I've been looking at the stats on how many people look at my page and what countries they're in, and I'm really really curious to know more about where these people come from. 

This, below, is the table showing all of the different countries from which people are looking at the pages. 

When I look at the table I sort of assume that the people in the US, the UK and Ireland are my friends through facebook, but I'm really interested to know about the folks from places further afield like Russia, the Ukraine and Poland. 

I wondered - would anyone who is reading this be willing to put a comment at the bottom even just saying the name of the city that they are reading from? I'm really curious to know if these readers are actual people, or if it's just hits from the indexing robots that manage internet traffic in these countries.