Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Building a radio from a Haynes kit

We had a bunch of fun this morning building a radio from a Haynes Retro Radio kit. It was very doable with two adults and a six year old. 

We did this as a learning experience for our six year old and it worked well. He enjoyed pushing wires into the breadboard, and was in charge of wire stripping. 

We only needed this one page of the instruction manual, so that was quick and easy to follow:

All the parts were included and made a really interesting setup.

We met a whole bunch of interesting components. Here are some photos of them. 

The kit comes with a box that looks like a radio, and the electronic parts are put inside to complete the setup.

This is the box, open and ready to go. 

and this is the radio all wired up and put inside the box. 

We got a good signal and were able to listen to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. 

This was a great kit for a bit of summer holiday fun. :-) It also helped my son to understand why it is that there are no pictures on internet radio stations. He's previously been a bit perplexed about why internet radio does not have pictures just like the iplayer and Youtube videos that we watch. Making a radio from scratch really helped clarify that. 

If the Haynes designers are listening - we would really like to buy more kits like this. :-) 
Thanks for designing this one. It was great. :-)