Monday, 6 June 2016

Coin test Focus Stacking system MkII

This follows on from Focus Stacking System MkII

I have set the system up and run it with a 3x magnification test photo of a 5p coin.

The step size was 10 micro metres.
The delay between stepper motor steps was 0.0001 second.
The camera was set on manual mode, with a 1.6 second exposure on f/2.8.
Only natural light was used.

1242 slices (individual photos) were taken. This took about 2 hours. The process is entirely automated so I only had to start the script running and then leave it to get on with the job.

Below are some photos of the setup:

In my initial test, the teeth of the cogs kept disengaging under the opposing forces of the motor and the heavy camera. I wedged the board in place with some wood, and weighed the wood down with heavy books. 

This is the setup from the other side. The coin is on a paint pot and a blob of blu tac, which makes it very stable and allows easy height adjustment. The lens of the camera is propped up on a screwdriver. 

There is quite a long working distance between the camera and coin because I was only working at x3 magnification. 

Here are a few examples of individual shots taken by the camera:

I did not photograph right through to the back of the coin, because the camera ran out of batteries before I reached that point. 

Here is the stacked image from Helicon Focus:

So far so good...

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