Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bud-watch 2015 - part 2

This is a continuation from Bud-watch 2015

The great question on that page, was when the buds would finally open and declare the arrival of spring. The answer this year was just a little bit before the 13th April, when the photos below were taken:

The rhubarb leaves are expanding nicely:

This is one of the first apple buds, photoshopped onto a black background because the greenhouse behind clashed, just toooooo much:

The strawberries are well into their stride.

The apple buds are starting to open. 

The cherry is just beginning to open its buds.

...and the wildlife is on the march too. :-)

There is now a bit of a question about whether a frost will come and knock off all the flower buds, but hopefully now we are just heading right into summer. If there is no frost, it's good for us. If there is a hard frost then it's good for the garden centres, who will be selling oodles of replacement vegetable plants to keen gardeners. One way or another, it's all good. Happy spring to you!