Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Focus stacked rose bud

Today I have been trying again with my focus stacking system. This time experimenting with a larger subject, and a black background.

The focus stacked image below is a small rose bud that is in the process of opening. It was taken at x1 magnification. It's come out quite well.

Below is one of the slices from which the image was compiled. 

This is a close up of the image. I like the detail on the leaves very much. I think that keeping the subject completely still is going to be a challenge, with soft material like this. 

One of the challenges as keeping the light levels stable as my subjects are lit with natural light through a window. Helicon focus reports on the fluctuations of light levels, and for the coin that I used for scale today the light levels fluctuated by 22%. No fluctuating light level was reported for the rosebud image above. It's clear from the image below that movement has been a problem with the rosebud. No similar problems are seen with this more easily anchored subject. 

Next plans:

I think the next thing will be to work out the exact depth of field of my macro lenses and figure out the minimum number of slices needed to cover a given specimen. Perhaps if I can get the minimum number of really good slices then I can eliminate the ghosting. 

Out of interest, here is the rosebud image with the black background turned completely black in photoshop. I suppose that could be good or bad depending on the application of the image.