Thursday, 26 March 2015

depth of field of macro lenses.

This is a comparison of the depth of field of macro lenses. I am doing this so I can choose the most appropriate lens for focus stacking or macro photography.

Canon 1-5x MP-E 65mm f/2.8

Magnification       Depth of field

x1                                0.8mm
x2                                0.3mm
x3.5                             0.1mm
x5                                0.07mm

Data from

Olympus Zuiko x0.5 50mm f3.5 with 12mm extension tube

Aperture                    Depth of field       
                                (Meaured roughly,
                              by photographing a ruler)

f3.5                                   about 5mm
f5.6                                   about 10mm
f8                                      about 20mm
f11                                    about 25mm
f16                                    about 35mm
f22                                    about 70mm