Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Fern Crozier of Extreme Smallness

This page follows on from Focus Stacking Coins of the Realm.

The aim of my focus stacking project is to take photos of tiny, tiny ferns, and today I am making my first attempt. So here it is, a fern crozier of extreme smallness.

This focus stacked photo was taken using the smooth.py script described on my previous blog page.

The crozier is the new unfolding leaf of a sporophyte fern plant. This leaf shown below is only the third leaf ever to be produced by this plant. I think it's turned out pretty well. The next thing will be to get the background and lighting right so that the detail is more clearly visible.

The big green splodgy thing on the bottom left of the photo is the gametophyte fern.

Below are a couple of the individual photos from which the focus stacked image above was compiled (using Helicon Focus). As you can see, depth of field is a bit of an issue at this level of magnification (5x). The image was taking with a Canon 5d MkII and a Canon M-EP 5x macro lens.

Here are some photos of the setup that I used to take the photos:

This is a photo of the plant, back in it's pot, looking very small indeed.