Saturday, 3 January 2015

Spring is round the corner...

The new year has arrived and that means that spring is just around the corner. 

The photo above was taken in April, with apple blossom being the last to appear in our garden after the cherry, plum and pear trees have finished their show. 

But with the weather currently cold, and turning colder, what is there to do in the garden? Well for me, this is the great time of planning, and perhaps a little bit of daydreaming. I'm figuring out where everything will go, and what will need to be done to get it there. 

This year I'm planning to make a potager in the place where our lawn used to be, so that means some major digging. I'm also working up to the creation of an asparagus bed. The asparagus seedlings are already quite large so that plan is well under way. 

What does the spring hold in promise for you?