Sunday, 11 January 2015

Lunaria annua seedlings in January

Lunaria annua seedlings

The weather has been very mild for the last few weeks here (around 10 degrees Celcius). This is great for getting out and going some gardening, and really very unusual for our location.

One surprise consequence is that I now have Lunaria annua (honesty) seedlings in my greenhouse. This is a huge surprise at this time of year as the greenhouse is unheated and so most things in there should be firmly asleep for the winter.

I had sown the seeds and left them there so that they could germinate in their own time, but January was not at all when I was expecting them.

Taking the photograph above was hilarious as the sunshine is very weak at this time of year. In order to get a short exposure (to hide camera shake) and lots of depth of field (to get the whole photo in focus), I had to take the photo in direct sunlight. That meant that the photograph was very brightly lit in the bright parts and very shadowy in the shaded parts. It needed a bit of photoshop work to make it worth looking at, which I don't normally do with my plant photos.

So there we are - two unexpected consequences of a warm January. Presumably next week I'll either have strawberries growing in the greenhouse, or a foot of snow to report. Both good options.