Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Wollemi Pine

This tree is a Wollemi Pine. The Wollemi Pine is a very old and rare plant, and its history can be found at the Wollemi Pine website. This specimen is privately owned and is kept in a conservatory in the West of Scotland. In the warmth of the conservatory it is growing very fast, and the new growth at the end of each branch can be seen clearly. The new light green section at the end of each branch shows in stark contrast to the darker green of the older branch section. The tree is about 4 feet tall. 

This photo show the branch in close-up so that the new light green and older dark green growth can be seen clearly. 

In very new growth the leaves are curled up, but the straighten out as they mature, so that the whole structure ends up flat. 

Over winter the apical meristem produced a clear covering which seemed to protect it from above. This also appeared on the end of each branch. 

When the branches began to grow in spring the clear covering was broken through and the remains of it can still be seen at the junction between the old and new growth.